• Trend Controls
  • Air Services have been maintaining and installing Trend Control Systems for many clients providing full automation and energy reduction strategies. Trend Controls Systems have developed smooth integration services to open protocols devices, Web Based Controllers with all backward capability no mater how old a system, allowing both old and new clients total support and product enhancements to existing systems and networks.
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  • York Controls (Johnson Controls)
  • Air services are partners and providers of York products and Systems. All engineers are kept up to dated with training and product familiarities so to help provide superior services.
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  • TAC Satchwell (Schneider Electric)
  • Air services have been associated with Satchwell as an interrogation partner and sole provider of Satchwell products and Systems for over many years and have carried all variants of works to Satchwell products.
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  • Centraline - (Honeywell)
  • Air Services have recently adopted Centralaine Partner Accreditation, Centraline Products provide a one stop shop for Open Protocol integration this including KNX, BACNET, LONWORKS, SQL SERVER, ORACLE and OBIX some of which may not be familiar products to the HVAC market but are leading protocols in other developments such as Lighting, Lifts, Escalators Home Automation, Fire Integration and Server Centres.
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  • Priva Controls
  • Air Services have recently adopted Priva Controls Partnership providing a new look on the BMS and Automation market. Priva are one of the first engineering products that use Graphical engineering Tool for ease of developing controls strategies. Air Service have also recently gained several new Priva Controls sites providing system enhancements and maintenance support packages.
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