Air services can provide solutions to help you become one step ahead, these solutions are achieved from providing comprehensive control services and energy enhancements. We supply you with a dedicated team mirroring your company's structure and requirements, accountable to you. Air services also offer energy services where we can provide you with a dedicated point of contact, providing a one stop shop service.

Our energy services don't only help reduce energy consumption but we also provide increased productivity, increased plant performance and most of all peace of mind.

Are you Keeping Control of Ever Rising Energy Costs?

With new environmental legislation, increasing energy prices and pressure to meet environmental objectives, Air Services are able to offer its customers a comprehensive energy management solution with guaranteed savings by creating a fast, cost effective solution with little or no investment.

  • Energy Audits to your BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems)
  • Invest to Save Schemes and management plans
  • VSD Installations and assessments (Variable Speed Drives/ Inverters)
  • Energy Metering Packages and Temporary Metering Solutions
  • Web Base/ and Product base Energy Displays
  • Energy Bureau Support Solutions
  • Lifecycle and Systems Enhancements
System Training

Automatic Metering & sub metering

Energy Monitoring is vital for sustainable management and is one of the first steps in tackling energy consumption and reducing your carbon emissions. Air services can provide a tailored solution to suit you and your premises needs.

Research Suggest that measured energy consumption is typically 25% higher than should be expected based on the design data criteria of a building. The main cause can usually be attributed from basic poor site maintenance or the actual functioning building installation itself. In many cases, considerable savings can be achieved by carrying out full investigation of the site Building Management System.

AMR (Automatic Meter Reading)

Smart metering is a pre-requisite for the forthcoming CRC legislation (2010) and a requirement for accurate billing (removing estimated bills) by the utilities providers system focuses on providing live (real-time) metering data from mains and sub-metering points throughout a building or a selection of multi-site's.

Sub Metering

Sub-metering of Mains Incomers, multi-utilities and numerous activity areas within a building or within a site business to pro-actively make changes to their building and equipment performance and operation to save energy.

BEMS-Metering Solutions

Air Services Support a selection of metering products that can work along side your existing Building Management System, this is a very Cost Effective solution of gaining control of your buildings environmental performance and associated utility costs.

Associated System Features:

  • Web Based Client Login
  • Backward compatible with Existing Equipment
  • Automatic Collection of Any Sensor Logs
  • Collect both Utility meter data and other Parameters
  • Automatic Generation of Exceptions on dedicated profiles
  • Calculate Costs Automatically
  • Downloadable Data in Standard CSV Format
Installation and Engineering Solutions

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